BioPhoton Lymphatic Enhancement

BioPhoton has been in the United States for some 20 years, however, it is not widely known. The lymphatic system can get slothful and inundated, filled with bacteria, old proteins, pollutants and contaminants. When this happens, there is a very small chance the client will not get the desired effects from the body contouring sessions. One can look at BioPhoton as a detox for the lymphatic system. If the full body is treated with BioPhoton, that will equal to 8-9 lymphatic massages. This procedure IS NOT a massage in any sense, it is much better! 

BioPhoton therapy was first researched and tested by body contourist, Tiffany Rogers in North Mississippi. Tiffany was the first person in the country to incorporate this therapy in body contouring. Contoured Perfection was trained by Ms. Rogers and now we are the fifth (5 th ) in the country to use this therapy!