Infrared Sauna Blanket

Radiant heat is a form of energy that heats up objects directly. More than half of the energy emitted by the sun is represented by infrared radiation; it’s what you feel on your skin when the sun shines on you from behind the clouds. Using infrared heat during treatments instead of traditional heating methods means the heat can penetrate deeper into your body without hurting the skin. Contoured Perfection uses an infrared 3- zone sauna blanket which allows you to feel the same effects as if you were in a physical sauna. It is the same as doing a moderate level of exercise; the body’s response is very similar. Your heart rate increases, your blood vessels dilate, the lymphatic system is activated, you sweat; and because of all of this, your blood circulation increases. You can feel all the same great effects in a sauna blanket as when you exercise. Increased heart rate and sweating leads to lower blood pressure, better cardiac health, reduces aches, pains, rheumatic conditions, and better overall healthy skin.

There are so many wonderful benefits the sauna blanket offers. Pair the sauna blanket with other services Contoured Perfection offers, you will save yourself a trip to the dreaded gym. Allow us to do the work for you while you lay back and relax!